Mark Kirby

President of Dixon/Kirby & Company

“He was enthusiastic, thoughtful, willing to work hard and confident that if anyone would be selling anything, it would be us. His ideas were fresh and innovative, out of bounds in the best sort of way, and contagious.” READ MORE.

Phyllis Brookshire

President of Allen Tate Realtors

“I knew two things the first time Van and I met… First, that Van was going to be a fantastic real estate agent. And second, that I would love to be part of helping to make that happen.” READ MORE.

Eric Cumming

Buyer, Seller

“Go with him, you won’t be disappointed.” READ MORE.

Jim and Ann Dotson

Buyers, Sellers

“Van was masterful in his art of listening to both of us and posing solutions that allowed us to take the right next-step at the appropriate time.” READ MORE.

Mary Peña

Buyer, Seller, Sister

“Over the years, I’ve observed Van use good humor and creative solutions to diffuse tense situations and an authentic negotiation style to broker artful deals.” READ MORE.

Justine O’Connor-Petts and David Monk

Buyers, Sellers

“Van understands that negotiations aren’t won by being a bully but by being an advocate. By being a facilitator, a guide, and an educator.” READ MORE.

Brandon and Amanda Comeaux

Buyers, Sellers

“Van has built an extraordinary team full of warm, caring, and honest people. We trust him completely and are grateful to have him in our life.” READ MORE.

Steve and Christina Celestini

Buyers, Sellers

“That day marked the beginning of a journey that gained us the house of our dreams and, more importantly, a great friendship.” READ MORE.

Kyle Ketchel

Photographer, Owner of Visual Properties

“I am not surprised at the pace at which Van’s properties sell or at his success in our competitive market.” READ MORE.

RECOGNITION for Van Fletcher & Co.

Over $313 million in closed sales since 2008, including $38 million in 2018.

Ranked #1 Agent in the Triangle by Triangle Business Journal in 2016.

Ranked #1 Company-wide Agent for Allen Tate Realtors in 2016.

Ranked among Top 25 Agents by Triangle Business Journal including first year in real estate (2008).

Morehead Scholar, University of North Carolina, Class of ’99.

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Recent Sales



Closing Date Price
1227 Canterbury Road Pending $1,474,000
2409 Ridge Road Pending $1,700,000
317 Cambridge Woods Way Pending $1,840,000
1722 Banbury Road Pending $2,700,000
1223 Canterbury Road Pending $2,099,000
1513 Grand Willow Way Pending $2,270,000
317 Woodcliff Road Pending $850,000
203 Park Bluff, Chapel Hill Pending $675,000
5301 Crocus Court Pending $525,000
3341 Colridge Drive Pending $465,000
6600 Enrichment Lane Pending $421,731
1017 Ileagnes Road Pending $244,900
321 Cutler Street Pending $483,500
5001 Celbridge Place Pending $455,000
3208 Huntleigh Drive Pending $260,000
4805 Hedgewood Village Place 5/16/19 $720,000
621 Misty Isle Place 5/13/19 $485,000
2415 Fairview Road 5/3/19 $675,000
1418 Barton Place Drive 5/2/19 $175,000
3308 Marblehead Lane 4/30/19 $375,000
50201 Manly 4/26/19 $675,000
5204 Collinsworth Drive 4/20/19 $412,000
4517 Keswick Drive 3/31/19 $830,000
2723 Anderson Drive 3/15/19 $1,641,000
3717 Williamsborough Court 3/12/19 $1,100,000
1421 Crafton Way 3/11/19 $285,000
1402 Chester Road 3/8/19 $759,000
116 Paladian Court 3/4/19 $349,000
713 Misty Isle Place 2/27/19 $489,900
3219 Darien Drive 2/22/19 $1,375,000
4701 Parquet Glen Court 1/24/19 $372,500