Jim & Ann Dotson

Buyers, Sellers

Van is the consummate professional with an incredible eye for detail and impeccable style. Van specializes in listening to his customers, providing the facts, and then he and his team guide you through the process of selling or buying. Ann and I were fortunate, in that we got to experience both sides with Van and his team.

Van is blessed to be able to selectively choose his clients, which with his style and approach is essential because he invests in you as the customer as well as in your home along side of you!

As a seller, Van specializes in getting people to fall in love with your home!

With Van it is more than selling a home… he genuinely steps into what is often one of life’s most emotionally charged life events with you and guides you through it.

Ann and I are about “family” and our home is a tool to serve our family. Our home is a place to make memories for our family and friends. When your home represents memories buying and selling become emotional and too often emotion overpowers logic and common sense. Van helped us maintain that critical balance.

We listed the home where we raised our family of four children with Van because he seemed to appreciate how much this home was a part of our family – and he didn’t turn and run! Van presented us with the facts… and guided us in making the investment we needed to get the house ready to sparkle. Yes, I gulped deeply when Van presented us with a list of recommendations for getting our home on the market. We went through the list item by item and Van explained his rationale and kept coming back to the impact it would have on our ultimate objective: to sell quickly and maximize the selling price. While it is a trade-off and Van shares his opinion the decision was always ours to make. Van and his team don’t apply pressure only facts and their experience and then allow the seller to make the decisions that are right for them. What blew our minds was Van’s investment in our home in getting it show ready and beautifully staged.

Van is a great listener… Ann and I oftentimes see big decisions very differently… buying and selling a home certainly exacerbates our differing perspectives. Van was masterful in his art of listening to both of us and posing solutions that allowed us to take the right next-step at the appropriate time. I don’t think Van is a trained counselor – but not a bad fallback if the real estate market tanks!

Our experience on the selling end was going much more smoothly than our experience on the buying end. We thought we could maneuver purchasing our new home without an agent representative. While our experience was good on the buying end… we realized that we needed an agent to represent us and our best interest and Van willing stepped in at a delicate time and provided the piece of mind we needed.

Van isn’t on call 24/7 and he shouldn’t be if you are on top of your game. Van has assembled a great team and we were never left alone on either the selling or buying end. We appreciated the fact that Van works hard and works long hours but he protects his family time. He is gifted at deciphering what is a real crisis and what can wait until morning! When you are dealing with such an emotionally charged transaction – Van keeps everyone level and helps maintain perspective.

Buying and selling isn’t easy… especially when family memories are involved… but Van will make your journey memorable and an adventure.   If you love the home you are selling or looking for one you want to fall in love with… you can’t settle for ordinary.   Ann and I sold at the time we needed to sell, at the price we wanted to sell and we made a new lifetime friend, a tremendous added bonus! An extraordinary experience which continues to bless us long after the transactions are complete!