Mary Peña

Buyer, Seller, Sister

This testimony will necessarily be biased, since I am Van’s sister! Now you get to be the judge of whether a lifetime’s worth of knowledge about my big brother helps him, or hurts him. (wink)

Kidding aside, here’s what I want you to know about Van, both as a person and as a realtor. Van is (and always has been) relational, principled, witty, creative and extremely hard-working. Our family jokes that brother Van has the “never-sits-still” gene — a gene he puts to very good work for his clients.

How do those qualities translate when buying or selling a house with Van? Well, I experienced that firsthand when he helped my husband and me find our first home. He treated us with the same “Van Fletcher & Co.” attentiveness he does all his clients. Van took the time to know us in that stage of our life (new town, new jobs, and all the hopes and doubts that first-time homebuyers have) by asking us the right questions.

Van’s brand of realty, I learned, is one of a kind. It will require you to trust his team’s many years of experience, good sense, wisdom, and instincts. They will tell you things that might require a bit more elbow grease than you’re used to, or maybe a truth that’s just downright hard to swallow in the moment. But there’s abundant evidence that this approach yields very sweet fruit.

Over the years, I’ve observed Van use good humor and creative solutions to diffuse tense situations and an authentic negotiation style to broker artful deals.

I say that with a caution to my brother: Van, if you ever stop listening well to your clients or start getting too big for your britches, you know I’ll give you a well-deserved smack over the head!